How to cash in on the $72 Billion Dollar A Year Pet Business

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Did you realize that 95% of all dogs and cats eat some kind of commercially prepared pet food which accounts for about $28 billion per year in consumer spending? In total, pet parents will spend over $72 billion on their beloved pets this year alone. That’s a huge audience of repeat buyers and it’s a massive economic sector. In fact, it’s more than what Americans will spend this year on coffee and baby food combined!

Wouldn’t it be nice to tap into that market and benefit from years and years of repeat purchases?

So who has been capitalizing on this profitable niche of steady cash flow? Have you heard of Nestle, Heinz, Del Monte, Proctor and Gamble, or Colgate Palmolive? They are the makers of most pet foods and have all but cornered the market. That’s what we call a HUGE clue! These companies wouldn’t waste their time on anything that wasn’t incredibly profitable. If any one of those companies were to grab just 1% of the pet food market, they would gross an extra $280 million dollars. Unbelievable! Most people could survive nicely on just 1/10th of 1% of all that repeat spending ($28 million).

But here’s the best part, there is now a way for anyone to tap into this incredible source of steady cash flow. No experience or special skills are necessary. However, there is one qualifying question, “Can you think of anyone who has a dog or a cat?” Of course you can, LOL. Dogs and cats are members of most families. But even if you can’t think of a single person, we have a proven system that will teach you exactly how to find them as well as introduce them to our superior pet foods (even if you don’t like talking to people). Our system will allow you to attract unlimited prospects like a magnet.

My personal experience has been that almost every pet parent is eager and happy to learn about our premium, veterinarian formulations which are shipped right to their door because people LOVE their pets and they’re always interested in what’s best for them. In fact, people will typically spend more on their pet’s nutrition than they will on themselves!

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Bob Wade